Venaani Torches War of Words With RDP

DTA of Namibia president McHenry Venaani has torched a war of words with Rally for Democracy and Progress after he alleged that the main opposition leader Hidipo Hamutenya had “failed to use his position as a member of parliament effectively”.

Speaking at a press briefing last week when he welcomed new members into the DTA, Venaani accused the RDP of failure to utilise many platforms to address the nation’s concerns and issues.

He said because of this, the RDP had lost its place as a g opposition party.

“RDP is losing its support because Hamutenya [Hidipo] failed to use his position as member of parliament effectively. We just received 15 RDP members from the south and more will join from the north,” said Venaani yesterday.

“I will not be part of leaders that criticise without giving ideas on how to improve. I am ready to take over,” said Venaani.

Hamutenya denied accusations that the party had been ineffective saying, “We have been very vocal about issues in society and because of this, the party over Easter recruited almost 200 members from DTA and Swapo in Opuwo.”

The party has used its platform in parliament to address this issues and what Venaani says is not true, Hamutenya claimed.

“I know what to say in parliament and it is not neccessary for me to speak all the time.”

RDP spokesperson Jeremiah Nambinga, however, defended his party saying it has done its part fighting for justice and it continues to do so.

“We cannot concern ourselves with small opposition parties like the DTA. Our focus is on the ruling party,” said Nambinga.

One of the people who defected to DTA is former CoD member Ina Gouws who said she followed Elma Dienda and Hidipo Hamata from Oshana and Lorraine Weyers from Erongo who defected from RDP.

Hamata said he joined the DTA for its youthfulness.

“We, as the youth, need to take over. I do not want to work with elders. RDP was formed to frustrate people and as a youth we need to associate with youthful leaders,” said Hamata.

Source : The Namibian