Visiting US MCC CEO hails Namibia for being a shining example in MCC’s 10-year partnership with this country

NAMAVAMBI: The visiting United States of America (USA) Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Chief Executive Officer Dana Hyde has hailed Namibia for being a ‘shining example’ in the MCC’s 10-year partnership with this country.

Speaking during the handing-over of five schools which were renovated and upgraded by the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Namibia in the Kavango East and West regions to the Education Ministry yesterday, Hyde said she chose Namibia as the first partner country to visit as CEO because the country has served as an example for ‘all the good that is possible when people work together effectively’.

She said the MCC’s model for partnerships puts Namibians in the lead of their own development, and thanked MCA-Namibia for diligently implementing the whole compact.

The many results coming out of the US dollars 304 million (about N.dollars 3,2 billion)-compact between Namibia and the MCC to fight poverty and promote economic growth, including the expansion and renovation of schools, prove that the two country’s partnership is working well, she added.

The partnership between the two countries is also working for the American people, who want to see their investments in Namibia and elsewhere deliver results.

She then promised to inform the American people on her return that their investment in Namibia has been well-spent, and that the renovated and upgraded schools are a symbol of a strong partnership between the government and people of Namibia and the USA.