Voters dig in their heels at Eveline Court polling station

WINDHOEK; Nearly 70 registered voters who did not vote in Friday’s Presidential and National Assembly elections refused to leave the Eveline Court polling station in Windhoek’s Samora Machel Constituency on Saturday morning.

The polling station closed at 21h00 on Friday night, and voters who had been queuing at the time were allowed to finish voting.

Some voters however only turned up at the polling station at 05h00 this morning, when the polling station had officially closed and all electronic voting equipment had been locked up by polling officials.

The about 70 voters refused to leave until they had cast their votes.

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN)’s presiding officer at the Eveline Court polling station, Jaco Kandai however told Nampa on Saturday registered voters who had not yet cast their votes would no longer be allowed to vote.

He said the Special Reserve Force had to be called in to maintain order at the polling station when chaos broke out after voters pushed their way into the tent to get an opportunity to vote Friday night.

The voters almost destroyed the tent which had been erected for use as a polling station, but the police intervened in time and managed to secure the voting machines.

The preliminary results of the 11 constituencies that have finished counting their votes are expected to be announced by the ECN some time this morning.