Voters with incorrect ink markings will vote on 28 Nov

WINDHOEK: The 32 voters incorrectly marked with ink on the left-thumb by polling officials at the Windhoek Correctional facility will be allowed to vote during the presidential elections on 28 November 2014.

Electoral Commissions of Namibia (ECN) Director of Elections Theo Mujoro confirmed to this agency that the incident occurred at the Windhoek Correctional facility on Friday during the Windhoek-West by-elections.

He said election officials at the polling station at the correctional facility misunderstood training instructions to put ink on the right-thumb and not the left thumb.

“We have taken note of the implication that the ink will still show and therefore the particulars of these inmates were recorded to ensure that this case is taken care of because we do not want some voters to be disenfranchised,” he said.

Mujoro added that this is the only incident recorded since the by-elections began.

The Windhoek-West by-elections necessitated by the death of regional councillor Shikwetepo Haindongo in August 2014 who died after a short illness.

Only a total of 3 398 voters turned up at the 13 fixed polling stations and mobile polling stations to vote out of 27 106 potential voters in that constituency whereby Swapo-Party’s candidate and member of the Swapo-Party Elders’ Council, George Trepper emerged as the winner in the by-election with 2 685 votes.

Trepper is expected to be sworn in as the duly-elected councillor for the Windhoek West Constituency within a week.