Voting ‘boring’ at some places in //Karas

By 11h00 Friday morning, a deafening silence could be felt at the Keetmanshoop State Hospital polling station for Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency.

Not a single voter was in sight.

By then, only 24 voters had cast their votes.

Swapo party agent Maria Undjondjo described the situation as ‘quite boring’.

Presiding Officer Charles Josob said the voters were split between hospital staff and Krönlein residents.

A similar scene was observed at the Teacher’s Resource Centre (TRC) polling point, also for Keetmanshoop Rural.

Polling officers sat quietly waiting for customers.

Presiding Officer Rochelle Farmer said the hour after opening was very busy with numbers dwindling afterwards.

The last count of voters at that point was 165.

Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency includes Krönlein in Keetmanshoop, Aroab, Köes, Naute Dam and some farms.

At around lunch time, Returning Officer for the constituency Rosalin Keramin said grape farm, Naute had recorded only 12 votes.

“It is the last Friday of the month and most workers have left for town [Keetmanshoo}. We think they will be back in the afternoon to vote,” she told Nampa via telephone.

Two Swapo party agents at TRC, the only party represented, said besides the lack of voters, no other complaints could be lodged.

Simon Tjimi and John Munkatje said they were hopeful that voters would arrive eventually as there was still enough time to vote.

“Maybe they are in town now and think they will come once the others have voted,” Tjimi said.

Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency has eight fixed voting points and six mobile teams.

A total of 5 402 voters are registered for the constituency.

Karas Region has 48 873 registered voters and 87 ECN polling teams.