VP Shames Property Developers

VICE president Nickey Iyambo yesterday blasted property developers for buying land cheaply and selling it for exorbitant prices to citizens, saying they have no patriotic sentiments other than to make money in this country.

He made the remarks at the inauguration of Kavango Block Bricks (KBB) interlocking building system for affordable housing and school building infrastructure in Windhoek.

The company, in which Iyambo is a patron, was showcasing its samples of affordable housing units and double classroom units in addition to what has already been constructed in Swakopmund, Katutura and Otjomuise areas, among others.

“Can you imagine, one individual buying plot after plot or houses for a few hundred thousand dollars and selling it the same day for millions to unsuspecting citizens? I understand that there is a group of property developers who each own so many plots and houses not only in Windhoek but all over the country to speculate with and make huge amounts of money.”

“I say shame on you, whether you are black, white, brown or blue that you seem to have no patriotic sense other than your patriotism to money,” said Iyambo. He further added that it is true that town councils have been self-serving agents in this regard, through actions and questionable private negotiations for land sales.

Iyambo said the government is committed to breaking this cycle, even if it means partnering not only with like-minded Namibian companies but also with foreign companies willing to assist in resolving the housing dilemma successfully.

He added that housing should be made affordable for first-time buyers, the homeless, upcoming professionals, domestic workers, retail workers and construction workers, nurses as well as soldiers among others. “Everyone in Namibia, including tenderpreneurs, should realise that the days of pursuing profit at the expense of the well-being of the needy Namibian house seeker are coming to an end, said Iyambo. KBB was founded by Heinrich Schroeder in the hope of curbing housing problems in 2011 and it had in the past worked in collaboration with the University of Namibia, Polytechnic of Namibia and Katutura Youth Enterprise Centre among others.

Source : The Namibian