WAD organization will soon grow and export vegetable seeds to int’l markets

WINDHOEK: The Women’s Action for Development (WAD) organization will soon grow and export vegetable seeds from Aussenkehr in the Karas Region to various international markets.

WAD Executive Director, Veronica de Klerk made the announcement during the 20th anniversary of the organisation yesterday evening.

She said this is the first project of its kind in Africa, adding that the multi-million-dollar project will create employment to about 2 000 local women.

In agriculture and gardening, hybrid seeds are produced by cross-pollinated plants.

In January 2012, WAD signed a Letter of Understanding with Technical Management Services (TMS), an Israeli agro-based company, and a world-renowned seed exportation company, Nunhems from the Netherlands.

Upon completion of the pilot phase, the production will concentrate on hybrid seeds for tomato, melons, water melons and cucumber.