Warning About Banking Scam

THE Bankers Association of Namibia (BAN) has warned consumers about scams currently doing the rounds in Namibia.

Ian Leyenaar, Chairman of BAN and CEO of FNB Namibia said many of these scams are not new, yet people still seem to fall prey to them.

He urged the public to be vigilant and not be caught unawares, by the scams.

The first scam which Leyenaar referred to is the prize and lottery scam. “These are notifications, which arrive through the mail, by e-mail, or by an unsolicited telephone call and inform the targeted people that they have won a substantial prize. This is often for a competition they didn’t enter. Various certificates supposedly confirming the winnings are mailed under the pretext that the originals were sent to the paying bank. The victims are required to communicate with a contact person at the bank by mail, or telephonically, for the ‘winnings’ to be processed. The details, offered by the fraudsters, of the contact person at the bank, are fake and that of colluding fraudsters. The contents of these certificates are clearly fraudulent.”

Leyenaar went on to say that this scam was a typical ‘aance fee fraud.’

“The crux of the matter, unfortunately, is that the so-called winner is told to first remit a certain sum of money as a “consultation or administration fee”, or some extra fees, in aance, before they will receive their alleged winnings. The fraudsters offer the targeted victims a chance to make a substantial fortune through a so-called winning, however, at the same time require a fee payable by the targeted victim to perform minor administrative and legal duties. Once the so-called fee is paid you will never hear from anyone again.”

Source : The Namibian