Water committee member accused of theft

ONGWEDIVA: A member of the water committee for the Ohalushu-Okadila pipeline in the Ohangwena Region is being accused of misappropriating money she received from villagers as payment for their water consumption since 2012.

Affected villagers, especially the residents of Ohalushu village, this week alleged that Rebecca Ndume has failed to pay the money to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry’s Rural Water Supply unit for the past three years.

The villagers who asked not to be named said monies they paid to Ndume since 2012 amounts to as much as N.dollars 10 000.

Villagers indicated that Ndume, apart from being a water committee member, is also the secretary of the drought relief food distribution committee in the Endola Constituency and coordinator of the constituency’s AIDS coordination committee.

Speaking to this news agency in a telephonic interview from the Endola Constituency last week, Ndume admitted that she used some of the money in question for personal purposes.

She said she has consulted relevant offices, including that of Endola Councillor Ferdinand Shifidi, and they agreed that she could pay back the money.