Water meter to be installed at individual houses in Five Rand informal settlement

OMARURU: The Omaruru Town Council will soon install water meters at individual houses in the town’s Five Rand informal settlement to prevent residents from using water for free.

This follows numerous complaints from residents that some dwellers ride on the backs of others when it comes to settling the water bill of the one water meter in this area.

All water taps at the houses in Five Rand are connected to one water meter, and residents share the bill at the end of every month by dividing the costs amongst themselves in equal amounts.

The settlement does not have electricity, but has flush toilets.

The acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Omaruru, Penda Nghaamwa told this agency today that he is aware of the situation, and that the water meters would be installed very soon.

He said 450 water meters have already been delivered, so it is just a matter of time before we put them up.