Water shortage at Tatamutsi informal settlement will be addressed soon

UIS: The water shortage at the Tatamutsi informal settlement of the Uis settlement in the Erongo Region will be addressed soon, following the donation of N.dollars 5 million by the Knowledge Foundation on Thursday.

The donation includes N.dollars 400 000 worth of food to be given to each of the 550 households at Uis – rich or poor – and N.dollars 600 000 which will go towards community projects, most importantly to solve the water problem at Tatamupsi.

Another N.dollars 4 million will go towards the development of the town in general, and to upgrade and train small miners at the town.

Uis is located some 196 kilometres east of Swakopmund in the Daures Constituency.

Daures Constituency councillor Ehrnst Katjiku told Nampa on Saturday there is no specific date when work on the water project will start, but promised it will be done as soon as the money is made available.

Tatamutsi, located a stone’s throw from the main settlement, has a population of about 300 people, most of whom are pensioners farming with small numbers of goats.

There is only one pre-paid water tap from where residents draw water for themselves and their animals, and many residents have to walk more than 300 metres to that tap for water.

Katjiku promised said they plan to put up three or four water tanks around the settlement so that everyone is closer to the water point.