Water Supply Interruptions in Capital

With the temporary shutdown of the new Goreangab water reclamation plant that started yesterday and will continue till Thursday due to maintenance work at the plant, the city is likely to experience water interruptions.

The spokesperson for the Windhoek Municipality, Joshua Amukugo, said the plant accounts for about 25 percent of Windhoek’s water supply.

Thus “its shutdown might cause loss of pressure and even water supply interruptions in some areas of Windhoek,” explained Amukugo.

He said water supply from Namwater’s dams and Windhoek’s boreholes will be maximised during the period. This, he said, would ensure that the impact of the shutdown is eliminated or kept to the minimum.

“Windhoek residents are requested to use water wisely and refrain from activities using excessive water such as watering gardens and washing vehicles during that period,” further stated Amukugo.

Source : New Era