We Have to Go Through Failure to Learn Something! [opinion]

Another year has arrived. 2015. Years are going so fast that none of us would want to leave a year go by without doing something that leads us to achieving our long term dreams. This year is not just a period that adds a number to our ages. It’s another chance we have to continue working on bringing our dreams to life.

Congratulations to the Grade 10 and 12 students who have made it and I salute the once that nailed it with flying colours. I wish you a productive 2015. I know that some of the learners out there who performed poorly have a g feeling of shock and fear that all the doors to their dreams has been closed, anger and depression. Failure is bad I know that because I have been there.

It was that time of my life when I let myself down and there was no one to blame. I was guilty of my own failure just as you are and I had to face it so should you. I want to be straight forward with you, I’m not going to try and pour ice cream upon your tongues, wipe your noses and make you feel better by telling you that everything will be Ok. Someone out there was telling you to study hard and at some point you felt annoyed.

One, it’s your life and you are in control. Two, no one will make your dreams come true if you don’t do it yourself, Three nothing will work out if you don’t pick up the broken pieces, mend your hearts and take the second chance that will be offered to you. There are second chances for everyone. You are not losers. Failure happens in most situations but the most important thing is that you never give up on what you want to achieve.

You didn’t go to school for ten or 12 years just to give up now. A human repeating the same mistakes is like a drunkard returning to his vomits, so I hope that you have learned from your mistake, you know where things went wrong, you figured out your weakness so this will give you an opportunity to gain aantage over this situation that you will act smarter. Do not feel like you are not important, I know you have let so many people down, people that believed in you, family and friends.

But you can fix that you can prove to them that you can do better. The year 2015 is a second chance for you and I believe that you all have a g feeling of achieving so you will try again. You are still young and if you work hard now, your future will be brighter and more clear. Do not be discouraged as you see other young people moving forward, that is their moment, and yours will come. Sometimes we have to go through failure to learn something. This is your second chance, improve and move forward.

Source : New Era