Welcome Back Snazzy

AFTER a long pause from the industry, hip-hop Snazzy is back and ready to share her musical genius with fans.

The female emcee broke onto the music scene at the tender age of 15 with her hit single from her first EP ‘Say My Name’. A Kora nomination, massive airplay and a number of shows all over Namibia later and Snazzy decided to give music a break to focus on self development and properly educating herself in the art of music.

“I took the break because I felt I needed to work on myself first. I needed space to grow, learn more about politics, music and e books. I needed the space to grow mentally, educationally and emotionally,” the rapper said.

As a reintroduction onto the music scene, Snazzy has given fans and music lovers a teaser of her first single after the break titled ‘Get Down’, which has been playing on SoundCloud and YouTube. The full length song will be released at a later stage.

“We do not have a set date yet, we first want to shoot a music video and then release the single with its video,” Snazzy said.

Asked whether she is working on an album, the ‘What You Want’ rapper said although she would like an album out by October this year, she is only focusing on working on single projects at the moment and will only be releasing singles for the time being.

Fans and music lovers can still expect that typical Snazzy sound in her new music, with a touch of fusion of the old and new.

Working with the producer, Morgan The Syndicate, Snazzy did not feature any artist on the new single and although she wants to work with fellow artists in the industry for future projects, she is yet to identify specific ones.

She added that choosing which artists to work with will depend on the song she is doing as she will be looking at whether the artist’s sound will be able to complement whatever project she is doing.

For now, music lovers and fans can just sit back, relax and look forward to what the rapper will deliver and contribute to not only the hip-hop genre, but the music industry as a whole.

Source : The Namibian