Where Are Khorixas’ Youths, Namoloh Asks

THE Minister of Regional and Local Government and Housing and Rural Development, Charles Namoloh, asked on Monday where the youths of Khorixas were.

Namoloh asked this in a speech read on his behalf by the Kunene governor, Joshua Hoebeb, at the official opening of the Khorixas Agricultural and Tourism Expo held at the Welwitschia Hall.

“Where are the young people of Khorixas? How are they contributing towards economic development?” Namoloh asked.

According to a baseline survey conducted by the Local Economic Development Office of the Khorixas Town Council last August, the majority of people engaged in small businesses were above 40 years of age and constitute 48% of the town’s population.

Namoloh expressed concern about the Small and Medium Enterprises Park established at Khorixas that has not been fully utilised.

He called on the community to utilise the park for their empowerment and not only wait for employment to come from somewhere.

Namoloh said the large number of school dropouts had resulted in more teenage pregnancies and other vices, which evidently lead to high unemployment because of lack of skills among the youth.

The minister also said unemployment is a huge challenge for Khorixas because of its economic status and that it is up to the town to come up with projects that will create employment for the residents.

“Engage the community you are serving to get suggestions and their project ideas. It is only when you work together as a team for a common goal that you will be able to address the unemployment challenge,” Namoloh said.

The minister also slammed the residents for not paying their municipal bills, saying this tendency has negative consequences on the town’s development.

Khorixas mayor Tryphosa Moloto said the municipality hopes the Expo will regenerate the economy.

Moloto urged the Ministry of Trade and Industry to assist in expanding the SME park and also said Khorixas wants to avoid rural-urban migration by creating self-sufficiency.

Fifty exhibitors are taking part in the Expo.

Trade minister Calle Schlettwein, lands and resettlement minister Alfeus !Naruseb, Karas governor Bernadus Swartbooi, and Damara chief Justus Garoeb also attended the Expo.

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