Why Spend All Your Money On a Wedding

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

I MEAN really, people have been marrying since the beginning of time, my grandfather married at no cost, so you would think the price would be somewhat reasonable. Instead, every year people come up with a new quottraditionquot that you must have this and that at your wedding.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like people are spending their life savings for, or run up massive loans to impress others at weddings only because this whole wedding industry is pushing couples into believing that by having the most expensive wedding will make them couples forever, otherwise your wedding will suck.

Just go on Facebook, to your surprise, you will be amused how much people are prepared to pay just to make their wedding, quotthe wedding of the centuryquot. Who said you need to spend money to make your wedding a wedding of the century, probably one fool fooling the other but for me I don’t buy that bra.

I mean where will you get all that money from, probably from the nearest cash loan, but how can you go to a cash loan just to impress others.

Everyone is trying to outdo the next person. Come on we are not living in Hollywood, this is the Republic of Namibia where your next door neighbour is crying from hunger.

That’s the reason you see one morning you wake up the guy is a director of a massive company and the next morning he is on the streets begging for money for bread.

Sometimes the lack of financial education plays a major role in making this critical decision. I believe our people need financial education on how they should spend their money. The government can send a team around the country to train people on how to spend money as it will not help if people are spending their money like it is going out of fashion.

No wonder we don’t have an answer to this so called quotpassion killingsquot, perhaps this might be a contributing factor, why would I spend so much money on a wedding just to find the following year the person is not in love with me anymore.

Buying ridiculously expensive clothing and paying so much for catering all for one night. Why? Is it to show off?

quotThe diamond ring symbolizes how much love the man feels for the woman. So how much money he puts into it, shows how much he loves her.quot Truly speaking these are all lies my brother, don’t ever believe in that crap. But why do people believe this crap? My friend money does not equal love, period.

It’s all a big lie and deception. True love needs nothing. So the less you have the more real the love you have between each other. The less expectations you have of each other, the more you can realize that you are actually quotchoosingquot each other every day. The more material you bring into it, the more expectation exists.

Why bank all your money in the wedding? Why not put it towards buying a home? Why not rather buy lots of cattle for farming, I mean it will contribute to the country’s economy or you can even give some to more unfortunate families and see the smiles you put on their faces.

My very simple aice to my fellow brothers and sisters out there is be very careful where you put your hard earned cash.

Source : New Era