Windhoek councilors call for review of land sale methods

WINDHOEK: Windhoek City councilors have urged the management staff of the City of Windhoek to draw up clear policies and guidelines on how to land should be sold via private treaty, auction or tender.

The councilors made the call at the monthly city council meeting here last Thursday during the discussion on the motion of the resubmission of an application by Ramosi Investment CC to purchase a piece of land in Klein Windhoek for residential development by private treaty or tender.

Windhoek Mayor Muesee Kazapua said there is a lack of proper guidelines on how to sell the land by private treaty or tender, and therefore the City mostly offers land via tender.

He said there is a need to workshop the policies and guidelines further to guide the law-makers when supporting motions during this meeting.

Kazapua further called for practical community awareness programs to educate people on how the City sells land through these three procedures (private treaty, tender and auction).

“There are procedures to be followed, it is not that the councilors are coming here to dish out land for free,” he said.

Swapo-Party member and chairperson of the Management Committee, Moses Shiikwa supported the call for the review of the methods of sale and for a workshop to be conducted in this regard.

Shiikwa explained that the land should be sold via private treaty if there is only one applicant who shows an interest in buying a specific piece of land; and should offered on tender if more than one applicant is interested.

Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) councilor Brumelda Cornelius supported the call for a review and further called on the City to also review the lease periods for land in the capital.

She noted that there are people leasing municipal land for the past 20 years, and said there should be a provision that someone should be allowed to buy out land if they have leased it for a set period of time.

Cornelius further called for a review of the valuation certificate policy to avoid misunderstandings between the City and buyers.

According to the council meeting agenda document, the municipal council adopted a policy stipulating the methods of sale/lease of municipal ground on 30 March 1994.

It was resolved at the time that a policy be accepted that proclaimed and fully serviced municipal land situated in all areas, for which special and complex sale conditions apply or which has been set aside for special projects or which has special development potential, first be offered for sale by tender.

It further established that the policy be accepted that sales by private treaty with governmental approval obtained in terms of Section 30 (1) of the Local Authorities Act 23 of 1992 be accepted as exceptions to the general rule.

The councilors recommended that the application by Ramosi Investment CC to purchase Erf R/3387 in Klein Windhoek be turned down and the applicants be informed that the piece of land would be sold by way of tender as per the Council’s policy.

Ramosi Investment CC is represented by six members, one of which is the former Deputy Minister of Education and now Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Sylvia Makgone with 17 per cent shareholding interest, while the rest hold 16.6 per cent shareholding interest.

They are Christoph Seimelo, Gabriel Olibile, Alfons Willam Mosimane, Gerwin Onalenna Mosimane and Immaculate Mogotsi.