Windhoek facing water shortage

WINDHOEK; Windhoek is experiencing water shortages due to poor rainfall received during the rainy season, City of Windhoek spokesperson Joshua Amukugo says.

Addressing the media here on Wednesday, Amukugo said bulk water supplier the Namibia Water Corporation (NamWater) informed the City that due to insufficient flow of water into the catchment areas of the three dams supplying Windhoek during the last rainy season, the dams’ levels are much lower than it was previous rainy seasons.

The three dams are the Omatako, Von Bach and Swakoppoort dams.

The Omatako Dam needs to be at least 14 per cent full to enable the utility to pump water to the Windhoek purification site through Von Bach Dam.

The water level of the Von Bach Dam stands at 34.8 per cent, while the Swakoppoort Dam level stands at 36.8 per cent.

“The CoW has been on record on numerous occasions cautioning Windhoek residents about the critical water shortage we are facing if not enough water is saved,” Amukugo said.

He said he was disappointed to note that despite numerous pleas to save water by drastically cutting down on excessive water usage, there was not enough water saved as the consumption demand continues unabated.

The spokesperson noted that it is a critical situation that needs to be taken seriously by all Windhoek residents.

Amukugo dismissed some residents’ arguments that they are responsible for their own accounts in settling their bills, saying the water shortage situation is no longer about affordability but about the availability of the water from the sources.

“Let us all take the responsibility of saving as much water as possible wherever we find ourselves,” he said.