Windhoek Jazz Festival Enhants

Enchanting, delightful, original, astonishing, subtle, engaging, thrilling may sound and seem mouthful in describing one of Namibia’s entertainment highlights, the Windhoek Jazz Festival.

Not really as none of these adjectives can describe this eletric event at the Dr Hage Geingob Stadium last Saturday, which lived up to its promise and expectation. Take your pick where you will pigeonhole the various artists, local and international, in terms of these adjectives. But this is how one would describe the line up which included Afro-pop singer Salif Keita, South African music band, Freshly Ground, headlined by their inimitable lead vocalist, Zolila ??? and a host of local acts Essence, Big Ben, Erna Chimu, Shishani, Mr Bones and Uncle.

More than 2700 festival goers patronised the venue and even the chilly weather did little to dampen their jazzy spirits. As the night promised multifarious thrills and buzzes was the order with treats to a wonderful diversity of singers, songs and jazz styles. The Afternoon sets were added largely to give exposure to not-so-popular musicians of various types, kicking off with Mr Bones and Uncle. Mr Bones and Uncle both gave a rare performance with their thrillingly catchy melodies and high-spirited humour which at the same time energized the festival

One of the standouts was the group Essence and they certainly did not go gently delivering a thrilling and thought provoking concert which blew away the tiredness. With their powerful and amazing voices, they kept the audience wrapped up as they swayed, trilled and stormed their way through a sizzling range of both new and classic tunes. Astonishing Shishani and her string ensemble showed how good lyrics, subtle dynamics and a calm, forceful voice could captivate a crowd, once again taking both fans and music lovers on a magical and mysterious tour of multitude styles, culture and storylines.

Erna Chimu and Big Ben, as always put in a creditable timekeeping performance filled with engaging entertainment. Last but not the least, speaking of legends, Salif Keita’s readily pops up. And one could not otherwise but relish his deep soulfulness.

Source : New Era