Windhoek resident arrested on corruption charges acquires legal representation

WINDHOEK: Windhoek resident Sarah Damases, who was arrested in June 2012 on corruption charges, has acquired legal representation.

Senior Windhoek-based defense lawyer, Advocate Gerson Hinda (SC-senior counsel) is now representing the 49-year-old Damases, who is appearing alongside prominent local lawyer Dirk Conradie on corruption charges.

Hinda is appearing for Damases on the instructions of fellow Windhoek-based defense lawyer James Diedericks.

This came to light when the two accused persons’ alleged corruption trial, which was delayed for the past two weeks, finally kicked-off before Acting High Court Judge Thomas Masuku this morning.

Hinda today informed the court that his client will join Conradie in an application of special plea of jurisdiction in which the two accused persons are challenging the legality of the evidence of certain illegal recordings of meetings that took place between them and some police investigating officers.

Conradie and Damases were arrested by investigators attached to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on charges of corruption in connection with a N.dollars 60 million-advertisement contract for Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC), on whose board Conradie served as chairperson at the time.