Witvlei Meat Gets Clean Bill of Hygiene

Witvlei Meat scored exceptionally well in all categories during a hygiene assessment by the Agency for Food Safety of Pretoria at the end of May at the Witvlei Meat Abattoir.

According to the report, Witvlei Meat scored on average 99 per cent in eleven categories in the inspection done at the red meat cutting plant while the company was awarded an average score of 96.7 per cent during the inspection of all sections of the abattoir. In the abattoir section, the inspectors gave Witvlei Meat 100 percent in the chillingdispatch, offal processing, sanitationest control and the personnel departments as well as for structure and maintenance.

During the cutting plant inspection, Witvlei Meat was awarded 100 per cent in the categories general requirements for approval, requirements for premises, structural requirements, ablution facilities, water supply, cold storage, cutting procedures, thermo control, sanitation and vermin control during the evaluation. Managing Director, Hendri Badenhorst, says the evaluation indeed proofs the very high levels of hygiene Witvlei Meat maintains. “We adhere to the utmost hygienic standards as an UN-approved abattoir that exports prime beef products to Norway. There is always room for improvement but the results of the assessment show that Witvlei Meat is on the right track. We are very pleased with the results and promise to maintain our high standards and even improve on them,” he says.

Source : New Era