Woman Dies in Inferno

A 49-year-old resident of Walvis Bay tragically died when she was trapped in a fire that gutted 18 shacks.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening in Sandwich Street, Kuisebmond in Walvis Bay.

The woman, who was identified as Laimi Iyambo, reportedly left a candle burning in the shack that she shared with her daughter. However the daughter was not home when the inferno erupted.

Shocked onlookers and residents said the fire started very quickly and spread to nearby shacks, resulting in the 18 shacks being destroyed by the fire.

When New Era arrived on the scene huge flames engulfed sections of the shacks. Some of the owners of the shacks scrambled around to save their belongings that could be seen scattered on the pavement. Paramedics and the fire brigade arrived shortly afterwards and tried at least for an hour to contain the fire, after which the charred remains of Iyambo were removed from the scene.

Several victims were treated for shock and smoke inhalation on the spot while some were taken away to receive further medical treatment.

According to the fire chief of the Walvis Bay Municipality, Willie Basson, it is believed the deceased and some friends were drinking earlier that day and that she apparently went back to her shack to rest after her friends had left. However, several minutes later smoke was seen coming from her shack. The neighbours tried to warn the deceased but the fire became too intense.

In a different incident the Namibian Police in Swakopmund are looking for a suspect accused of murdering his roommate in Mondesa on Saturday evening close to the Vrede Rede School.

According to Inspector Erastus Iikuyu the suspect allegedly stabbed his 27-year-old roommate Steven Eichab to death after returning from a drinking spree.

Iikuyu said the two, who were accompanied by a friend shared a room and apparently argued over food. This resulted in the suspect stabbing Eichab who died minutes later.

Source : New Era