Woman Murdered At Walvis Beach

Coastal residents are reeling in shock following the death of a young woman who was allegedly shot by her boyfriend in Walvis Bay on Monday.

Louise Alupe, 24, was reportedly blindfolded and fatally shot by her 30-year-old boyfriend, whose name cannot be disclosed until he appears in court.

The incident happened between 16h00 and 18h00 on Monday, police say.

The killing took place at the dunes close to Independence Beach, Walvis Bay.

The suspect, who is apparently employed as a fisherman at the coastal town, allegedly shot Alupe in her head with a pistol at close range and then turned the gun upon himself.

Alupe worked at one of the most popular beach restaurants in Walvis Bay.

However, the faulty weapon failed him in his apparent suicide bid as it jammed and did not discharge any bullet.

He apparently then resorted to using broken glass to cut his wrists, which also failed.

The crime coordinator for the Erongo Region, Chief Inspector Erastus Iikuyu confirmed the murder and the attempted suicide yesterday and told New Era that the suspect is currently under police guard but his condition is stable.

Describing the scene as tragic and senseless, Iikuyu said the police found the couple both blindfolded and lying next to each other in the dunes.

“Alupe was already gone, but the suspect was alive and was rushed to the Walvis Bay State Hospital for treatment,” he explained.

He also told New Era that indications are that the couple had problems in their relationship, but added that the two were not staying together.

Alupe lived in Kwilimba Street in the Tutaleni location, while her boyfriend was staying in Marlyn Cresent Street in the Kabeljou area, he explained.

It is however not clear whether the couple arrived at the beach together.

Iikuyu said residents staying in close proximity heard gunshots and alerted the Kuisebmond police.

The boyfriend is expected to make an appearance in court this week on a charge of murder and is currently being guarded by Nampol at the state hospital.

Meanwhile, news of Alupe’s death spread like wildfire since yesterday on social networks. Condolences poured in to her family from friends and others who affectionately described her as a very outgoing and humble person with a kind heart.

Source : New Era