Woman Runs Eatery Under Tree

While unemployment remains a challenge, many women are taking up the challenge of starting their own income generating businesses and Nairenge Abby is no exception.

Abby is a resident of Mpungu Vlei in Kavango West, located west of Nkurenkuru and she has for some time now started her own business of selling cooked meals at an affordable price to fellow Mpungu residents and for those that drive through their village.

According to Abby, she started the business after sitting at home for a long time, ever since she failed grade 10 and life became difficult as she became a parent and the pressure to provide for her three children became a pressing issue. She said she first used to cook at home and bring the food to be sold under a tree along the road, near the school.

“I decided to cook because it’s what I am good at. I sell chips, fat cakes, rice, macaroni and mahangu pap served with meat, fish and chicken and cabbages. I sell to local people and visitors, especially those passing by our village,” she told a New Era journalist.

Mpungu is located at the crossroads between the roads that lead to Tsumeb, Enhanha, Katwitwi and Nkurenkuru, customers pass by for a bite and that is her aantage according to Abby.

Abby said despite the challenge of not having customers at all times, business is good.

“Business is prospering and I’m being able to take care of my three children who are all girls, the oldest being 11 years old and she is in grade 7, the other two are also attending school here in Mpungu.”

When New Era visited Mpungu Vlei, Abby was preparing to cook as it was almost lunch-time.

She says her sales usually increase during lunchtime when her regular customers come to the tree to buy the food that she prepares.

Being an entrepreneur in her village Abby says it had given her exposure and she hopes to take her business to another level by stepping up and her ambition is to open a small eatery.

“I want to be able to cater not only to individuals but also for big events in our village,” she said.

Many officials like to buy food from the streets because it is delicious and affordable.

Source : New Era