Woman Welder Believes It’s Not a Man’s World

MAZCI Kamuserandu, a welder at Kraatz Marine in Walvis Bay – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver amp List OampL) Group – has been a welder for more than two years and enjoys her job tremendously.

“Getting exposed to different technology, aanced industrial welding machines and working on different projects requiring different welding techniques have thus far been the most memorable regarding my profession,” said Mazci.

When asked how she ended up in this profession that is usually viewed as being part of a man’s world, she said: “There is gender equality, and I believe what a man can do, a woman can also do. I also wanted to challenge men in their own career and show that a woman can equal them and often even do better.”

Mazci says she applied via the normal channels at Kraatz and ended up being the best candidate. In future she would like to become a welding supervisor or engineer to teach and encourage other women out there to join the industry.

Source : The Namibian