’Women in Stone’ to Open At FNCC

The Art in the House and Sister Namibia have facilitated a two-week sculpture workshop to create sculptures that focus on positive depictions of women which will be exhibited in the exhibition ‘Women in Stone’ which opens at the FNCC Gallery on 1 June at 18h30.

Gender-based violence(GBV) in Namibia is a serious social issue, and the nation needs to express that change is needed.

The aims of the workshop and exhibition are to educate the community about GBV and to create awareness on how arts can deal with social issues in Namibia.

The artists involved include: Alpheus Mvula, Daniel Paul Liberty Lanyondo, Martha Haufiku, Gabriel Kashava, John Nampala, Elia Shiwoohamba, Kirsten Wechslberger, Hage Mukweshandje, Ismael Shivute, Risto Iita, Isay Indongo and David Amukoto.

Source : The Namibian