Women Soccer Organisers Fail to Account for N$3 Million

ORGANISERS of the tn Mobile African Women’s Championships held in Windhoek about three weeks ago allegedly overspent and also failed to account for N$3 million.

The two-week tournament was run by the Local Organising Committee, whose chairperson was Sivhute Katamba.

Well-placed sources said the Confederation of African Football (Caf) contributed about N$90 million for the hosting of the tournament, while government put in N$8 million and Telecom Namibia chipped in with N$6,42 million for the rights to be the event’s title sponsor. The sources also said contributions from auxiliary sponsors could not be ascertained.

According to the sources, the organising committee still requested for more funds from government to cover the shortfall as well as the N$3 million they could not account for.

The overspending has also been used as an excuse to pay volunteers less than half of what was due to them.

The Namibian understands that initially, the volunteers were told they would receive between N$6 000 and N$8 400 for their services, but ended up being paid N$2 500 each. No explanation was given for this cut.

Those who served in sub-committees for media, logistics, catering, security, marketing, transport and accommodation were each expected to get around N$20 000, an amount which is most likely to be slashed as well.

One volunteer, who requested anonymity, said they were promised N$600 per day for the 14 days but this amount was cut down to N$200 a day.

“Some people received N$3 000 while others were paid N$2 800. I don’t know why it (the money) was cut. We were not told why,” the volunteer said.

The sub-committee members are yet to receive their remuneration nearly three weeks after the event.

“They cut the budget on so many things but we don’t understand how they overspent to get into this dilemma,” a source said.

“No one has a clue when [the] committee members will be paid. I understand the organisers overspent. We just wonder on what. They also gave sub-committees vague appointment letters which did not specify how much they would be paid.

“They said committee members would be informed of their remuneration in due course, but nothing has materialised to date. For all we know, they could come up with any figure,” the source said.

The Namibian initially approached Katamba on the LOC’s budget and expenditure for the competition, five days after the end of the tournament.

However Katamba, who doubles as the Namibia Sport Commission’s chief commissioner, did not respond to the inquiry, which was subsequently re-sent to him on the 6th and 11th of November.

He refused to disclose the cost of hosting the international event and to respond to the allegations of misappropriation of funds as well as the failure to pay volunteers in full.

Yesterday, a fuming Katamba declared over the phone that he would not respond to the query. Instead, he accused this reporter of having a habitual interest in negative reporting regarding the women’s championship.

“You can write whatever you want, because you have already decided what you will write,” Katamba said.

Source : The Namibian