Women’s Shadow Team Forced to Eat Humble Pie

As the sun set at the Oscar Norich Stadium on Saturday, the Brave Gladiators and the invitational team dubbed the Women’s Shadow team, meet to add a different flavour to the youth tournament.

The game started off slow as both teams tested each other out but as time passed the Brave Gladiators found their stride and scored a brilliant free kick through Albertina Dawes. The Shadow team was stunned, as they didn’t expect a ball to end in the net from such a long distance.

The Gladiators continued to whip the Shadow team, beating them in the midfield as well as in the attack as none of their passes made it pass the halfway line.

They looked out of sorts and were again caught napping when Dawes once again stepped up and send a flying ball through the air that landed in the back of the net, giving the more experienced Gladiators the respect that they deserve.

The Gladiators camp was playing without their usual suspects but managed to show their skills with their passes and magnificent runs. At times it felt like a training session because the Shadow team could not match the level required of them.

The score was 2 – 0 at half time.

In the second half the Shadow team realised that their goalkeeper, Rauha Wahengo was not keeping up with the pace of the more powerful Gladiators and substituted her and bringing in Selma Mavulu who saved the team from more embarrassment.

In the few minutes that she were on the field, Mavulu blocked and saved two brilliant shots by the Gladiators strikers much to the delight of the crowd.

Girls from the Shadow team did not do much to threaten the defence of the more composed Gladiators as the game ended 3 – 0.

Mavulu who showed great goalkeeping skills deservedly walked away with the woman of the match award.

At the end of the match, the Gladiators received a cheque of N$3 500, while the Shadow team pocketed N$2 700.

Source : The Namibian