Words of Wisdom From Tim Ekandjo to Athletes

” To be successful in life requires you to stand out and be different from the rest. It is easier to be just like everybody else, because you don’t have to do much than be like them, but when you want to be truly noticed, you have to stand out and shine. If you want to be noticed you must have a competitive aantage, and be the best you can be in something that nobody else is,”

Those were words from Tim Ekandjo, MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer, speaking at the recent MTC Namibia Sports Commission Awards in Windhoek.

Ekandjo delivered an emotional speech touching on various aspects of life, emphasising that life should be about living up to one’s own expectations and importantly just being yourself.

“Ask yourself what is the legacy you want to leave, and how do you want to be remembered one day. The legacy you leave behind will depend largely on how you lived and behaved here and now. The legacy you leave matters because there are people and communities who’ve invested in your personal brand and the impact you make on society has the potential to inspire millions after you,” said Ekandjo addressing those in attendance during an evening that was filed a national sense of elevation.

“Audacious men and women are bold in their beliefs and convictions. They are revered and admired in the matrix because they’ve found a way to channel their energy like a laser in the direction of its intended destination. They become iconic brands, think of Jay-Z, Nelson Mandela and closer to home Dr Hage Geingob, that is the space we should graduate into,”

“Having said this, there is however a cost, or rather a price to pay for being successful. We all desire to become successful in life one day, but when we eventually become successful we also attract a lot of enemies, or we become enemies of others. With every level of elevation, come new enemies,”

“Our sportsman and women nominated here today have endured many hours of intensive training and sacrifice to be where they are today, but some of us also want to be with them or we find fault with their being here even though we know nothing about their struggles and sacrifices. So we make success the new enemy, something we all desire to become but the moment we see it on others we hate it with a passion,” continued the witty Ekandjo.

In conclusion, Ekandjo aised the athletes not to become too consumed and arrogant with their achievements, but should rather remain humble to society and those who have contributed to their success.

Source : New Era