Workers Forced to Work On Workers’ Day – Ipumbu

Deputy Minister of Economic Planning and National Planning Commission (NPC) Lucia Ipumbu is disheartened that there are still some employers who compel their employees to work on Workers’ Day.

Workers’ Day is one of the public holidays observed in Namibia.

While addressing the community of Okantaya village in Oshikuku Constituency, Ipumbu called upon employers, with the exemption of the essential services professions such as health workers and police officers, to allow their employees to join other working masses in commemorating Workers’ Day.

“It is disheartening to note that while we are here commemorating this event, there are still some workers out there, still on duty. It is therefore unfair that they do not get an opportunity to enjoy this day, specifically reserved for them to attend,” said Ipumbu.

Ipumbu maintained that the Namibian government is determined to improve working conditions.

According to her, aligning the employment creation function to the ministry of labour and the introduction of the minimum wage for domestic workers are among actions taken by government towards the betterment of the employment conditions. “It is a commendable effort and all of us are urged to ensure that all aspects of this noble act are fully implemented,” further stated Ipumbu.

She urged community members to channel their developmental needs through the office of their councillor Modestus Amutse, maintaining that NPC is always ready to assess, appraise, and recommend such projects depending on their merits and availability of funds.

Source : New Era