Workshop for SMEs to Be Held Next Week

ASPIRIING entrepreneur, Ester Hamukoto of Esh-Ham Business Consultants is planning to hold a workshop in Windhoek next week for Start Up companies and SMEs. The workshop will take place in Windhoek.

“I am an aspiring entrepreneur running a consulting firm and I have been in business for a period of a year and a half now. I assist entrepreneurs start up businesses as well as offer other consulting services to start-ups and SME’s,” Hamukoto informed The Namibian this week.

Hamukoto says she carried out a thorough market research and concluded that that small businesses hardly survive for more than two years.

She said this is due to a lack of knowledge to run businesses successfully. “I decided to host a two-day workshop targeting start-up and existing entrepreneurs whereby the workshop will introduce participants to basic entrepreneurship skills acquisition and test of entrepreneurial motivation among participants. Essentially, the participants will go through a two-day intensive entrepreneurial training and orientation in order to unearth their individual competencies, skills and aptitude to engage in self employment,” said Hamukoto.

She said the focus of the workshop is the development of Personal Entrepreneurial Qualities (PEQs). The application of such qualities or competencies is believed to influence entrepreneurial success.

Source : The Namibian