Wounds Still Raw Over Daughter’s Murder

ALMOST a year ago, Cynthia Robertha Gaeses (22) left her home – never to return – and her mother, Annatjie Gaeses, says the pangs of sadness over her death are still fresh.

Cynthia was allegedly murdered by Charles Noabeb (26) at Arandis at the end of March last year. Children playing stumbled on her body buried under a heap of rubbish outside Kolin Foundation Secondary School. The children reported the gruesome find to the principal, who in turn, informed the police.

Cynthia had left home just before the Easter weekend on 28 March 2013 with some friends to attend a party at the Dolphin Club in the town. Six days later, Annatjie received a call from the police telling her that a young woman’s body had been discovered at a school in the town.

“I knew it was her,” she told The Namibian through tears. “I knew that something had happened to her. She never left home so long. She always stayed in contact. I knew she was dead. I just prayed that God would show me where she, was so that I could bury her.

“I was called and then the police and some people came to my house. I just cried and cried. I had to go to the mortuary to identify her,” Annatjie said, adding that children “jumping over the wall” at the school unwittingly trampled on her daughter’s body that was under the rubbish. Cynthia had apparently been stabbed and her throat slit by Noabeb, who claimed in court that he did so because she had laughed at him while he was fighting with another person named Louis.

Noabeb, who was charged with murder and rape, admitted to Swakopmund Magistrate Nelao Brown in April last year that he slashed her throat twice with a blade before she “fell down and died” outside the school yard. The killing took place at about midnight.

“I wanted to injure her not kill her. I knew what I was doing,” Noabeb, who pleaded not guilty to the rape charge, told Brown.

Annatjie is convinced though that the suspect also raped her daughter because she claims that the body was apparently undressed and the clothes thrown onto a roof at the school.

The attack allegedly happened when Cynthia left the Dolphin club to go to a house party of a friend. The killer, who was not a boyfriend of her daughter, was allegedly stalking her until she was alone. He then attacked her from behind, stabbing her in the neck and slitting her throat. She allegedly tried to run away, but he caught up with her and dragged her to the school wall where he buried her under the rubbish after she had died.

Annatjie was worried when her daughter did not return home and reported her as missing to the police. She also called friends to find out if they had seen her. The national broadcaster was called to announce that Cynthia was missing and that anyone with any information on her whereabouts should tell her to come home.

“I could not sleep. I only cried,” she said. “We were more than mother and daughter. We were close friends. Never apart. She would always contact me or SMS me.”

The house without Cynthia appears incomplete. Cynthia’s bedroom is cold and empty apart from the undecorated furniture. With the curtains drawn and the door closed, Annatjie, who showed The Namibian the room, sat on the bed holding Cynthia’s photo. She was her only daughter whom she will never see again.

“When she was buried, I gave the matter over to God. Let’s leave the story and wait for God’s answers,” she said.

She, however, still has to struggle with the senselessness of it all – why did the killer not just assault her, or just rape her? Why did he have to kill her? She still cries and admits that she is alone without Cynthia.

“I really lost someone very close. I miss her so much. She was such a very happy person. I always looked after her from the day she was born, trying to make sure she stays pure,” she said.

Her message to the killer: “The Lord will punish him righteously, no matter where he goes and I hope the magistrate will punish him too.”

Source : The Namibian