Wrangle Over Geingob – Prime Minister Says No One Must Feel Left Out

The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) has labelled as “opportunists” the opposition parties who declared they will support Swapo’s presidential candidate, Dr Hage Geingob, in the upcoming elections. The SPYL urged those parties rather to rally behind both the party and its candidate if their support is genuine.

At its congress last weekend, the Republican Party (RP) indicated it would endorse Geingob in the presidential election. The party categorically stated that it would not support Swapo, but only rally behind its presidential candidate.

Geingob, using his Twitter account, welcomed the decision by the RP to back him.

But speaking to New Era this week, SPYL spokesperson Job Amupanda described the RP as a “dying horse” that is trying to cut deals by supporting Geingob instead of both Swapo and its candidate.

“They must support Swapo and not individuals. I am sure this is what our candidate, as party leader, would like to see,” said Amupanda.

Amupanda said Geingob is not an independent candidate “but a sole candidate for the Swapo Party to govern Namibia”.

“How do you focus on the head and not the body on which the head rests?” Amupanda wanted to know.

Amupanda’s remarks drew the wrath of RP President Henk Mudge, who accused the SPYL leader of being arrogant by trying to prescribe to the RP what it should do.

“I do not blame him because his reaction is typically that of a worried man and he has all the reason to be, because it is evident that the youth, like so many others, have lost faith in the ruling party,” Mudge said.

“Having considered all the potential candidates from other parties, the Republican Party has decided to encourage its members to vote for Dr Geingob in the 2014 presidential election purely because we are of the opinion that he will be the most suitable candidate.

“It should now be clear that the Republican Party is not supporting Swapo’s candidate. The fact that Swapo will nominate Dr Geingob is, as far as we are concerned, irrelevant,” said Mudge.

Amupanda’s remarks expose political immaturity and a lack of proper understanding of the principles of a true democracy, charged Mudge.

On Monday on one of the social networks Geingob welcomed the endorsement by the RP and stressed that no one must feel left out.

“It is in the spirit of the statement that no one must feel left out that we welcome the endorsement by RP,” said Geingob on Twitter.

Amupanda boasted that Swapo and its candidate would emerge victorious with or without opposition support.

“We have numbers and can win any election. If elections are called even in two hours, we will win.”

Swapo does not prioritise individuals above the movement, Amupanda said.

“If they are really genuine they must join Swapo and their children must join SPYL. Our candidate will win hands down with a victory that will be delivered by the youth though the SPYL. That man [Mudge] is only seeking to join the bandwagon,” said Amupanda.

The RP is the second opposition party to publicly declare support for Geingob, after the United Democratic Front (UDF) urged its members to rally behind the Swapo candidate.

Source : New Era