X-Bantuans Are On the Roll!

If you have ever witnessed the X-Bantuans performing, then you are no stranger to this exuberant Kwaito group.

The group consist of four members namely, Jamaika, Dr H, Zux and Fabi who have been the backing dancers of the Namibian Kwaito star “EES” since 2009. As the name suggest, these four members are a force to be reckoned with their stage presence and exciting Kwaito dance moves. Besides dancing, this multi -talented group under the management of Ees Nam Flava Music have braced fans with their 16-track album titled Stage breakers.

The album opens with Who’s amp Who’s featuring Ees followed by Lights, Camera, Action, the ultimate Kwaito banger telling the listener who they are and what they stand for. The sounds of Vuka gets the wild party started but is short lived with You’re the Girl where all four members talk about their female experiences and love. Ees joins the crew on the hook once more to give that ultimate Nam Flava we have all come to know and enjoy over time.

On the other hand, songs like Rise, Hustlers and Dodga, Dodga outlines the struggled endured in life when coming from disaantaged backgrounds as well as life from a Kasi perspective. Track 13, Zulla stretches the understanding and meaning of life to these youngsters. The track Roll Die Dice appeals to the listeners to roll the dice as life is about chances of which anything is possible while the song Life encourages the youth to invest their energies in education today for a better tomorrow.

The album ends with Bring It, a track with great lyrical content but overall, the beats are catchy, typically Kwaito produced and levelled for the listener’s convenience and also well-structured from the first track to the very end.

Source : New Era