Young Achievers Invites the Youth

Young Achievers (YA) are calling on the Youth to attend their gathering every Saturday from 13h00 to 16h00 at the Windhoek Multi-Purpose Youth Centre.

YA are a youth-led organisation based in Katutura that provides young people between the ages of five to 25 with a vision or a sense of mission in life. A group of young people gather on Saturdays to discuss different issues and matters relating to the youth and come up with possible solutions. Other activities that take place at the gathering include debates, socialising and career guidance. “This is a way to keep you busy. Come join the youth group because you will be inspired, motivated and you can find a sense of belonging here knowing that you are making a change in people’s lives,” invites Andreas Shangula, One of the Extended Leaders of YA.

Shangula adds that this is an open opportunity for young people to practise different skills such as social, intellectual, professional and public skills. “They get to socialise and meet other young people from different backgrounds, express the views through debates and discussions, share their lives with others as well as meet with different professional speakers who will guide them with career choices,” he says.

Shangula further urges local companies to start supporting such initiatives. “The biggest obstacle is support from local organisations. Donations and funding to sustain our organisation’s activities will make a big difference. We really do need it,” says Shangula. The YA also offer after school classes, tutoring, and assisting with homework Mondays to Fridays from 14h00 to 17h00.

Source : New Era