Young Damage Eventually Enter the Music Scene

Multi-talented trio of Young Damage seems to be eventually penetrating the local music industry after they have been seriously making music but have this far not been able to leave a notable mark on it.

Their new single titled The Genesis featuring Jericho has been enjoying massive airplays and topping the charts on Base FM Top 10 chart for the past three weeks. One of the singers, Panash Pieters, known as Profit, says their notable success came earlier this year after climbing the rocky mountain and well known Namibian Hip Hop Star Jericho saw their potential and invested in their dreams by featuring in the current single, The Genesis. The group was established in 2008 and saw the guys pushing hard and turning the music industry upside down with their songs and performances on different occasions and venues. Under its new management Ghetto Child Entertainment, Profit says they are already regarded as one of the most leading groups in the Hip Hop genre, but getting to the top has never been easy for them as they experienced financial problem to finish their project.

Their first hit single Expectations, featuring Berthold in 2010 led them into the limelight. Young Damage slowly been infiltrating the musical showbiz scene by performing at school concerts and tertiary institutions’ beauty pageants where they grew their fan base. They moved to greater heights when they performed at the 20th National Youth Council (NYC) Anniversary celebration on April 26 this year whereby they had the crowd on their feet with their unreleased hit song Superman Dance.

The youngsters are now working on their debut album to be titled Chasing Dreams, The Beginning set to be released soon. The album will consist of 16 tracks and feature Jericho, Berthold, Djay and Kanibal on numerous tracks.

Source : New Era