Young Designer Offered Fellowship

Following the shipment of Swakara pelts to Copenhagen for the international auction, Agra ProVision has announced that Nikola Conradie, the winner of the 2013 Swakara – Namibian Young Designer Awards, will join the delegation, with an additional opportunity to complete a fellowship at Kopenhagen International Centre for Kreativity (KiCK).

This Agra sponsorship is part of her winnings, giving her an opportunity to work with internationally renowned fashion designers and other design fellows in the fur industry. Nikola emerged triumphant at last year’s Swakara – Namibian Young Designer Awards with a cocktail, slim-fitting waistcoat and shorts, designed with Swakara’s figure-hugging qualities to great effect.

Her design made its debut at a Gala dinner in Keetmanshoop during Swakara week last year in September. The same design was entered into the International Fur Trade Federation’s and VOGUE’s annual ‘REMIX’ competition. Unfortunately, it was not picked as one of the 12 finalists. The 2013 Swakara – Namibian Young Designer Awards was sponsored by Agra Ltd, the Karakul (Swakara) Board of Namibia and Kopenhagen Fur. “By partnering with KiCK, which is Kopenhagen fur’s designers’ studio, we have found an ideal partner in the fur fashion industry to grow and expose Namibian talent, nationally and internationally,” Dagmar Honsbein, General Manager of Agra ProVision said. “There is great demand for Swakara fur, and the time is right to equally market our fashion designers internationally. Nikola is a wonderful Namibian fur fashion ambassador.”

Nikola could hardly contain her excitement when she heard about the opportunity to learn at KICK’s studio. She said last year was an eye-opener for her and that she learned how to match, cut and join Swakara pieces to the pattern, following each process to the final finished garment. “I feel honoured to represent a truly Namibian product in Copenhagen. This again puts Namibia on the map as it already is. I’m certainly looking forward to work with different furs, acquire new skills and hence bring them back home. Also to share this experience with other young designers,” she said. Last week Agra announced the House of Swakara dispatched a consignment of 68 500 Swakara pelts to be auctioned at Kopenhagen Fur this coming Thursday, in Denmark. Kopenhagen Fur is the world’s largest provider of luxury skins and pelts.

Source : New Era