Young people should be educated on how country’s freedom, independence were obtained’

ONDESHIFIILWA: Retired Chief of Defense Force (CDF), Lieutenant-General Denga Ndaitwah says the young people of Namibia should be educated on how the country’s freedom and independence were obtained.

Ndaitwah said this whilst addressing inhabitants of the Ohangwena Region’s Engela Constituency at Ondeshifiilwa village yesterday.

It is at this village where 21 fighters of the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) who were killed by the military forces of the colonial government on 01 April 1989, were buried.

Ndaitwah said young people do not regard the country’s liberation struggle as important as their interests differ from that of their parents who witnessed how difficult it was before the country was liberated from colonialism on 21 March 1990.

The retired CDF wants to see Namibian parents taking the education of their children on how significant the liberation struggle was, and the need to sustain what the nation has achieved after a bitter struggle for independence, seriously.

He singled out schools, hospitals and road infrastructure as some of the achievements that are to be safeguarded jealously.

Ndaitwah also noted that Cassinga Day needs to be marked in a national fashion, saying that as it is a national event, Cassinga Day should not be attributed to one political party only.