Young Voices Against Poverty

YOUNG people are seldom recognised as a resource in decision making processes. That is why the group called Young Voices Against Poverty decided to take on the fight against poverty.

They believe that any time people are denied food, shelter, education, and safety, it creates a problem. The youth group led by Ellison Menjono (18), Kunovipo Uatomunwa (18) and Ukarapo Kawami (18), says they want to be the change in their communities by doing something worthwhile there.

“We can make a difference and alleviate poverty by doing something for the next person in need. We don’t have much but the little we have we share with orphans and vulnerable children, or any other person we see who may need our help, especially now in winter. We therefore call on the rest of the country to join us in making a difference,” the trio says.

The group consists of close to 13 volunteers and last weekend they visited an area in Katutura called “Sonderwater” where they donated clothes and food. “We collect the clothes and food among ourselves, our parents and relatives. We visit different orphanages or shelters three times a month or sometimes more often.

Source : The Namibian