Young Women Must Be African Women First! [opinion]

Young women have to find potential in being an African Woman first before they can deliver full potential at the global level, says National Youth Council (NYC) Youth Ambassador, Olavi Hangula.

Speaking at the celebration of the African Youth Day last Thursday, themed “Developing on the potential of Africa’s Young Women,” Hangula says one cannot progress if shehe does not herselfhimself adding “so find who you are first as a local African citizen before you classify yourself a global citizen, and What do u want to do in life.”

He says the theme triggered him into looking at how young women, especially in the Namibian society are making a difference, be it economically, socially or politically adding there are really women out there who are delivering to their full potential in the aim of socio-economic development but asking whether this was enough. “Young women should know that it is possible to lead, to be successful and to be independent without men, but it starts with action and believing in themselves,” says Hangula.

Are we chasing success or waiting for failure in order to start the race, asks Hangula. “It is about time we learn to invest in our ambitions as tomorrow is never guaranteed.” He urges young women to identify the resources that surround them, and to let their imaginations motivate them to deliver their full potential. “You all are gifted in different aspects”. He says the ability to envy our peers lives is the same ability that demoralises our own lives. “We have to aspire, seek and find a role model to look up, let their actions help us take ours,” says Hangula.

The African Young day is aimed to promote an increased recognition of youth as key agents for social change and economic growth in all aspects of African society, to contribute and channel the youth motivation, energy and idealism to reinforce the efforts towards the achievement of a sustainable development in Africa. The day was celebrated in the Katutura Community Hall.

Source : New Era