Youngster Arraigned for Theft of Cash and Gadget

A 19-year-old girl appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate court on a charge of theft last week Tuesday.

It is alleged that Vinola Frix stole N$20 000 and an Ipad SS cellphone valued at N$3 390 that belonged to Jason Gurirab. According to the annexure to the charge sheet the theft occurred at Fischer Court in Hochland Park on May 02 this year between 13h00 and 22h00. Frix was not asked to plead and her rights to legal representation were explained to her and she indicated that she would apply for legal aid. Confusion reigned as to the issue of bail, since the investigating officer in the matter indicated on the docket that bail is to be refused. However, Verinao Kamehene, the prosecutor, indicated to the court that he saw no reason for objecting to bail and promised to clear up the issue with the investigator. The case was then remanded to Wednesday for bail consideration.

After enquiries from the investigator, Kamehene informed Magistrate Jermaine Muchali Muchali that the investigator told him that she made a ‘human error’ by indicating bail should be denied. He proposed bail in the amount of N$4 000, but the magistrate was in a good mood and granted the teenager bail of only N$3 000, which was promptly paid. She will now have to return to court on June 17 after the matter was postponed for further investigation. By Roland Routh

Source : New Era