Youth Exhorted to Desist From Self-Pity

Chairperson of the Okaku Youth Forum in the Oshana Region Albertina Shilikomwenyo has aised fellow youths that there are dozens of other flourishing opportunities if they do not excel in school.

“Feeling pity for yourself will not earn you bread or a living go out there go to a vocational school or start up a project to sustain yourself,” those were the words of a successful youth, who said she does not need an office job to make a living.

However, she aised those who have the opportunities and means to excel in school to commit themselves, relating that Namibia does need educated youth.

Encouraging fellow youths in Outapi recently, Shilikomwenyo who failed Grade 10 spoke confidently about some of her achievements after Grade 10 as a means to encourage fellow youths to fend for themselves.

To date, Shilikomwenyo is an active participant of Kashomba Orphan and Vulnerable Children’s project that caters for the needs of over 72 children.

At this centre, with two other volunteers, the group helps the children with homework and engages them in drama and choir activities during the afternoon.

“All this would not have been possible if I sat at home and pitied myself. Apart from that I also do small jobs here and there so that I can sustain myself. Fellow youths, you need to expose yourself you need to sweat and work in the sun,” aised Shilikomwenyo.

She aised her peers to partake in youth activities as a means to expose themselves.

“There are many opportunities in the youth forum, but you would not know if you are home,” stated Shilikomwenyo.

Shilikomwenyo also warned against the odds of young women chasing after sugar daddies and women chasing after men for money. She said such life is short-lived. However, there is also no chance of retaining one’s dignity thereafter.

“Respect yourselves, value yourself and work hard. We want hardworking, courageous leaders,” the enterprising young woman urged fellow youths.

Source : New Era