Youth in Dance Against Gender-Based Violence

The youth have joined the campaign against gender-based violence as part of the happy dance show last Thursday at the Roman Catholic Church Parish Hall.

The educative show has been choreographed by Severiano Willemse and Maya Dahlberg and is about gender-based violence in Namibia. A pioneer in professional dancing, Willemse decided to tell stories through dance prompting the project happy dance. “When I do a show, I do it to inspire people, I just don’t do an ordinary show but I like it when people come to the show they go out saying they learned something from the show,” says Willemse.

The dance was performed by youth that were portraying the story of two young sisters who growing up in an abusive home were the father is abusing them and their mother. One evening they decide ????? when their parents are out. The one sister remains g and keep fighting for her rights meeting people who are very good with her and she later get engaged and marry. The other sister is very weak and finds comfort in drinking and smoking. She begin to hang with wrong friends. Later they come together and the g sister helps the weaker sister to overcome her depression and she stops drinking and hanging out with wrong people. They go back home and she finds it in her heart to forgive her father. The last part is the wedding when the ger sister gets married.

Source : New Era