Youth Invited to Enter Entrepreneurship Competition

If you are young, have a desire to change your community or the world at large, and you are between 15 and 30 years, then this is your chance to enter the Youth Entrepreneurship Competition (YEC) before June 30.

YEC is an exciting new international contest that provides a global platform for young entrepreneurs who aspire to bring positive change in their communities. By highlighting the best examples of youth entrepreneurship, the competition aims to empower the young generation to take the initiative in social innovation and become pioneers in building a harmonious and sustainable society. With their innovative ideas and leadership, these global citizens will tackle some of the key challenges of today and offer a model of the entrepreneur potential that will build-up our future.

Participants are expected to make presentations in English and are requested to submit entries in: The Best Idea Category (It must be a new and original idea yet to be fully implemented by the entrant or by others) and The Best Project Category ( an already existing enterprise with recorded social impact). Participants should focus on innovative ideas for an enterprise which contributes to the sustainable development of the community in fields such as the environment, education, health, poverty reduction, peace building, cultural diversity, sustainable energy, food security, sustainable trade, the elderly, empowerment of women and youth or operate an enterprise in the form of a business, a non-profit organisation, or an informal programme.

Entries will be reviewed based on their entrepreneurial vision, feasibility, innovation, leadership, social impact and sustainability, among other factors. Only those that meet a certain standard and pass the preliminary screening will be published on the competition website and later the general public can vote for their favourite entry, and add their comments and recommendations. Entrants may refine their entries up until the entry deadline to reflect the comments and recommendations received. They may also support their entry by submitting a video presentation of their enterprise idea or activity (up to three minutes).

All participants will receive a free online training at the Entrepreneurship Campus, and get their entries brushed up by peers and prospective experts. There will be three winners in each category. In addition, the People’s Choice Prize will be given to the entry with the largest number of votes in each of the two categories.

Source : New Era