Youth Leader Says Human Life Is Sacred

Ester Antanga, who is the leader of Tutaleni Training College in Ondangwa has spoken out against the escalating cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the country.

As a youth leader and activist she implored other Namibian youths to respect the sanctity of human life. She suggested that youth organisations should come up with organised social events where they can share ideas on relationships and other social challenges.

During an interview with New Era last Friday Antanga said this will help in addressing the social challenges faced by the nation such as gender-based violence. She further called on other youths to take up the fight against the scourge of violence in Namibia. Young people have been invited to join the fight against GBV and to denounce all acts of violence perpetrated mainly by men against their partners. She also implored churches to play their part by aising and providing spiritual guidance to those in difficult relationships and about life choices in general. She further encouraged young people to actively participate in public events where they can be equipped with useful information that will help them add their voices against the wave of senseless violence. National leaders have called on young people to take centre stage in the fight against gender-based violence and to come up with solutions to end the scourge.

Source : New Era