Youth Ministry launches five-year strategic plan

WINDHOEK: Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture Minister Jerry Ekandjo on Wednesday launched his ministry’s Strategic Plan 2013 to 2017 here.

In his keynote address, Ekandjo said his ministry and various stakeholders have identified three objectives – to empower the youth, promote sporting lifestyle, and promote arts and heritage – which will guide the ministry in pursuit of its mandate.

He said the strategic plan has set progressive performance targets which will be met over a number of years.

The plan enables the ministry to designate both implementing and supporting components to monitor, evaluate and implement the strategic objectives.

The strategic plan identifies initiatives needed to overcome performance gaps and lead to improved service delivery and policy outcomes.

It has also developed, budgeted for and scheduled management plans for implementation for the next five years.

Ekandjo said the ministry is mandated to perform various tasks on behalf of the government.

“This responsibility mandates the ministry to ensure that the youth is skilled in order to assume their rightful place in society,” he said.

The ministry is also tasked with ensuring that all Namibians who pursue sporting activities are catered for.

Ekandjo said that the MYNSSC has adopted the Balance Scorecard Approach as its framework to implement the strategic plan.

“This balance scorecard approach offers enormous benefits to the ministry such as alignment, focus, accountability and transparency,” he said.

He added that additional spinoffs of the balance scorecard are that the ministry’s staff will have a better understanding of how their everyday work links to the ministry’s vision and mission statements, and therefore takes a more balanced view of their work.