Youth Must Choose Direction [opinion]

FREEDOM, independence, equal opportunity for all and justice are not given for free. If you want these, you have to fight for them.

Since the Independence of Namibia 24 years ago, the youth have been denied their right to exist as human beings by their own government leaders.

Malicious campaigns have been waged at the youth to brainwash them and break those who dare to question the inability of the leadership of Swapo to deliver. It is said that Swapo brought freedom and Independence and, therefore, the fruits of freedom and Independence are for Swapo leadership and members, especially from exile.

The nation was divided into four different groups of interest:

1. The returnees from Swapo, who should be given all opportunities and access to the fruits of Independence.

2. The returnees, who were detained in Swapo dungeons in Angola and elsewhere, were sidelined.

3. The black population that remained inside the country, who are considered puppets and should be denied the right to enjoy freedom and Independence.

4. The white population that is considered as imperialists, who collaborated with the apartheid regime of South Africa should be punished.

This is the type of doctrine that puts the government in the state of anomie. The Swapo leadership’s philosophy is: Put the individual ego first, the party second and the country and its people last, in order to have total control of the majority.

To make this possible, a system of divide and rule is being used. Tribe as well as race division are encouraged poverty is kept at its highest education is diluted health care is neglected employment is non-existent and housing rights are denied. All these points make it look like the government has failed to deliver. And yes, the government has failed to deliver – but deliberately so. The Swapo leadership has put its government in a deliberate state of limbo to satisfy their own whims.

The Swapo-led government is a government for old men and few women and they do not care about the future of the youth.

The youth has no place in it. With the election soon coming, the youth of Namibia has come at a cross-roads where they have to choose the right path towards their future.

Source : The Namibian