Youth Organisations Register for Grant

Thirty nine youth organisations from the various regions has registered with the Youth Development Grants Programme (YDGP) launched earlier this year by the National Youth Council (NYC).

This is part of the initiatives taken by the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture over the past two years to fund youth in the country to fulfil its promise of providing employment to the youths in different activities. According to the YDGP Administrative Volunteer, Michael Mulunga, the YDGP is happy to have supported youth organisations and other ambitious youths with their businesses. “We are in the process of funding all these new establishments and we have already funded half of them,” he says.

He adds that N$ 2.9 million in total will be awarded to the youth organisations with the main aim of contributing to the capacity building and empowerment the country’s youth.

Wisdom Youth Organisation Fish Shop, meant to be bringing fish close to the community, is one of the biggest Youth project under YDGP. Based deep in the heart of Katutura it also aims at generating an income to sustain the Wisdom Youth Organisation’s activities.

Source : New Era