Youth Shun Empowerment Fund

Chairperson of the Oshana Regional Youth Forum, Ephraim Nekongo, is dissatisfied with youth not utilizing projects initiated for them.

Nekongo was referring to projects meant to empower youth in the Oshana Region.

Nekongo who made the remarks at the forum’s website and network launch last week said he was particularly dissatisfied with the youths from Okatana who since 2002 have failed to utilize the Pandu Agricultural Project.

In the same vein he urged fellow youths to be proactive and stop complaining that government is not doing enough to assist them.

He also urged the youth to register themselves on the website stressing that the website would intensify the flow of information between the forum and youths in the various constituencies. He hence urged all the youths to register on the website despite their political affiliations or education level.

Nekongo further clarified that the website will expose the youths in the constituencies to various career opportunities, adding that the forum will be sending information through SMS to all the people registered on the website when there are job opportunities available.

“The forum will be sending information to all the youths registered on the website about available opportunities despite their political affiliation or level of education,” said Nekongo.

He implored youth to make use of the opportunities on their doorstep, adding that Namibia has a lot of opportunities that the youths fail to see.

“We complain that we are unemployed but if someone asks what projects we have in mind, the majority will say that they are waiting for the police and Namibian Defence Force to recruit people,” said Nekongo.

Also speaking at the event, the Chairperson of the Oshana Regional Council, Lot Kuushomwa, aised the youth to acquaint themselves with government policies to understand better how the government functions.

Kuushomwa said leaders in the youth forum understand the plight of the youths in the constituencies, however, the youth should show interest in the suggestions presented to them.

Source : New Era