Youths Ponder Conscious Citizenship

Namibian youths have potential but such is being held back by their inability to voice their opinions due to little self-belief and fear of scrutiny.

This observation emerged at gathering attended by over 100 people including the youth at the Warehouse Theatre last Thursday to discuss a “Conscious Citizen”. Some of the questions and topics discussed under theme was pride, positivity and patriotism as ingredients of a Conscious Citizen and how to cultivate such. Further the discussion looked into how to break the stereotypes of young people, especially as it relates to their hesitation andor reluctance to engage in politics and the type of future Namibia anticipates?

One of the youths at the discussion, Josy Nghipanduwa, defines a conscious citizen as one who aligns

herselfhimself with the country’s mandate and refrain from categorising people especially because of their racial and ethnic origin . Another youthful participant Patrick Sam says that events such as these should aim at enlightening everyone to the common good of the country and fellow citizens. He views that people attending the discussion should walk away with a great responsibility towards Namibia. Carl Pesat introduced apprenticeships for young students at his marketing firm. The moderator Rakkel rounded off the discussion living those attending with food for thought as to how they would apply being conscious citizens in their daily life?

The discussion was a platform for the Namibian youth to engage on socio-economic and political issues.

Source : New Era